February 14, 2020

While the North American MMA market was all but extinct, one promotion in the land of the rising sun was setting the world on fire - and that company was PRIDE.

PRIDE was, in Japan, what the UFC is today on a global scale. Selling out big arenas like the Tokyo dome, fighters being household names, huge endorsements deals and all the things that fighters enjoy today.

That's only half the story however, because behind the scenes the most insane nonsense was taking place and nobody knew it until post-mortum when Zuffa bought the all by dead promotion. Without further delay, lets dive right into the wild and wacky world of PRIDE.

1. Yak...

February 4, 2020

Last month, the world was reminded exactly why Conor McGregor is one of the biggest draws in sports history, finishing off Donald Cerrone faster than my first time with woman. There is no bones about it, the notorious looked fucking dynamite in there. So it isn't a bad thing that as soon as he left the cage, the world wants him back in there as quickly as humanly possible. 

The question is, after putting Cowboy to sleep faster than a Bill Cosby slumber party, what is next?

We have complied a list of potential opponents that could be next in line for Ireland's favorite son. 

1. Justin

Out of the fights that make the most sense as far...

January 29, 2020

It's that time again where i get out my nerd helmet, strap that son of a bitch on and talk about some of my favorite video games in the combat sports genre. We talked previously about MMA Video Games, Pro Wrestling video games, and now we talk about the sport featured on more systems than any other martial art - Boxing.

Now the list is longer and bigger than Ron Jeremy considering the first boxing game to come out was July 1980 (before i was born), so obviously i have alot of fucking ground to cover, but this is worth it, so let me work it, i'll put my thing down flip it and reverse it. So without further a do, let's begin.

1. Boxi...

January 24, 2020

Sign the petition :
Petition to Stop Stephen A Smith from talking about mma  

As americans, we are both advocates and supporters of freedom of speech.

Except for Stephen A Smith

Fuck Stephen A Smith

As the man is plastered on TV speaking about something he knows little about, the most knowledgable of experts have to sit by and listen to him represent all the arm chair quarterbacks of the world. 

He must be stopped. 

So we came up with a logical and yet simple solution. We all take a shit in box and send it to his house.

Okay maybe not.

So we came up with the second best alternative solution. We make a big petition, sen...

January 20, 2020

UFC 246 was an eventful evening to say the least. 

It was night of competitive fights, compelling storylines that lived up to all expectations, and of course, the man who brings the most casual eyeballs onto the sport Conor McGregor finished his triumphant return in quick fashion, disposing Donald Cerrone in bathroom break, ordering one shot, my last relationship, record breaking time. 

As our fight predictions suggested, I bet on McGregor to take it home in a hard fought decision with cowboy, despite the fact deep down I wanted Cerrone to some how find a way to pull it off. However - to my surprise, McGregor was not fucking around...

January 17, 2020

We have finally arrived to UFC 246 and the comeback of that very popular fellow that all the boys & girls are excited about. 

What's his name again?

It rhymes with boner bootlegger. I don't know....

Anywho, The Notorious Conor McGregor returns to face off with octagon veteran Donald Cerrone, who will either play the role of gatekeeper or the man who could potentially spoil the irish festivities.

We have analyzed (ha. anal) every single detail (ha. tail) about this highly anticipated main event along with all the match-ups on this super balanced, super stacked fight card and we will give our brief thoughts & predictions.

Main Event


January 14, 2020

After the good lord developed this beautiful blue marble called earth, covered it with trees, water, air and walmarts, created animals and humans starting with adam and eve which means according to the bible we are all related which means we are all committing incest, you sick fucks - thy generous god decided to smile upon thee and bless this world with a man made after his/her own likeness. Le Champion. Le Legend. Le Stealer of Le Girlfriends. The GOAT. Thy Savior of Professional Wrestling (because everything else right now is shit)....

Chris fucking Jericho.

Whoops. Used the lord's name in vein. Looks like I'm going to hell...

January 11, 2020

If this story hasn't been told more times than how your mother met your father (or his best friend, because these women be triflin'), UFC President Dana White has teased a collaboration with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and his return bout happening sometime in 2020. 

Makes sense, considering the money with Mayweather comes with him competing in the ring, and anything less would be white noise. But now that this collaboration has been officially announced, the very imaginative fight community began speculating who his next opponent would be. 

My one source within the UFC brand attempted to give me the inside scoop....


January 6, 2020

We are precisely two weeks away from UFC 246.

There, the first MMA article that said UFC 246 and not "two weeks away from the return of McGregor".

Ever since this fight was announced, the media and UFC went full steam ahead hyping up nothing on this card besides their cash cow Conor McGregor returning since Khabib choked the shit out of him infront of arguably one of the biggest pay per view audiences of all time. No surprise from the WMG owned UFC, as they did the same thing when Ronda Rousey fought against Amanda Nunes. Dont need to tell anyone what happened in that fight.

INSANE. Why do they keep doing this?!?

Why are we not talki...

August 12, 2019

Holy shit.

For those unaware, MMA's Favorite son and Donald Trump's bedtime hero Colby Covington was recently on Miesha Tate'es podcast - only to get banned due to inappropriate comments thrown her way.

For those non-subscribers to Sirius XM, here is the audio snippet of the fight those two had:

Colby Covington is coming off a huge win at UFC Newark, and for the casual fan, his win over Robbie in impressive fashion was truly his coming out party. And when Mr.Trump gets on the phone with you after the fight, it could only do wonders for your brand.

Actually. Truth be told. Colby is a former two time guest on our podcast and I stand fi...

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