March 6, 2017

 With Donald Trump winning the 2016 Presidential Election, it has opened the flood gates for every celebrity and national icon to come out of the woodwork to hint at a possible run at the Nations Highest Authority - but what if the famous faces of Mixed Martial Arts, Pro Wrestling and Boxing decided to step up to the plate and run? Obviously a Trump victory proves nobody gives seven or perhaps eight flying, gliding fucks about prior experience, so it's not unrealistic to believe one of these combat sports icons could become commander and chief. 

So let's all vote in our next president in 2020. Let's go down the names, shall w...

August 17, 2016

 The Pro's recently gave their pick who they think will win the highly anticipated rematch between Conor Mcgregor and Nate Diaz - And You'll be surprised how different the public opinion is since their first fight ended in 'The Notorious" doing a tap dance via rear naked choke.

Here are the fighter picks for the upcoming fight: 

May 25, 2016

 This is just one of those stories that websites are beating to death with a broom stick, but with the new development that FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd's intel (aka imagination) said the fight was all but confirmed and the announcement would be made in two weeks, this subject has literally grown legs and running faster than any journalist can keep up with.


Here is what Mr.Cowherd recently said: 

"News I believe is gonna break here in about two weeks... I have already booked two rooms, September 17th and 18th in Las Vegas. My intel is Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is going to happen. It changed late last week...

May 18, 2016


 Either Conor Mcgregor is a Self-Promoting Genius or the internet is struggling to forget the Loudest Irish Man since that drunk guy you happened to run into at your favorite pub on St. Patricks Day -


Either way, he's back in the headlines and hard at work feeding the flames of the rumored bout between himself and Floyd Mayweather.


First, Feeding the Twitter Trolls with a picture simply titled "Boxing Boots"

 Ok, not that crazy, it doesn't take much to figure out people wear boxing boots all the time when they train in boxing, one of the common practices of any well rounded Mixed Martial Artist.


Then, a v...

May 14, 2016

 Now this is getting ridiculous - Floyd Mayweather Jr. has finally answered the question we all have been asking for the last week since a British Tabloid reported about a possible fight between Mcgregor and Mayweather, here is what Mayweather had to say:




May 10, 2016

 Warning: This isn't "Clickbait", we are a firm believer that an influx of Ads ruin the reading experience for all who visit our site , so calm your tits.


However; you cannot deny the rumor of a Mcgregor/Mayweather that has gracefully been spreaded faster then herpes during spring break all from a non-reputable tabloid news outlet has literally broke the internet for the last week.


It has not been shot down from Conor Mcgregor....


It has not been shot down from Floyd Mayweather Sr.....


And now, Joe Rogan looks to chime in on the fun and add his two cents to further the speculation.


“If Conor McGregor and...

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