June 1, 2016

We interrupt the internet arguing about children falling in gorilla cages to bring you a special news bulletin - Jon Jones is currently balls deep in Daniel Cormier's Head.


Well, according to Jon Jones, he is. 


We knew the build-up to UFC 200 would be anything but quiet, and Jon Jones didn't let the fans down this morning with delivering a special message to the "Paper Champion" Daniel Cormier via instagram:


"It's good to see you enjoying your last days as paper champ Daniel, I was actually planning on leaving you alone and letting you enjoy them with your family, then you had to go and put this weird shit on the Internet. It's o...

May 17, 2016

 For an Olympic Bronze Medalist in Boxing, Former World Champion in Boxing, Owner of a Boxing Gym and yes, you guessed it, a Boxer - He sure knows talent in MIxed Martial Arts.


Floyd Mayweather, who runs Mayweather Promotions which houses 20 very talented boxers, he has made his intentions very clear that he would like to expand his operations to the realm of MMA, starting with the signing of UFC World Light-Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones.


“Jon Jones is with the MMA but we still got to communicate. We’d love to have Jon Jones be a part of TMT (The Money Team),” Mayweather told ESNews in an interview on Friday. “It’s not just...

April 27, 2016

 Kidding...Kidding...But this morning it was made official - 

After many of missteps, Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones II at UFC 200 in the Main Event for the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship.


This Fight was made on paper this morning by UFC Officials on the heels of Conor Mcgregor pulling out, then falsely claiming he was back on the card, when Dana White via TMZ took the liberty to finally pop the irish troll's bubble. Nate Diaz would also go on to pull out, to set a world record of more pull out's then prom weekend.


This fight not only adds to an already stacked card featuring 3 World Title Fights, but what a better p...

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