July 7, 2016

 This is why we can't have nice things; As Dana White has just announced with a stone "My Girlfriend Cheated On Me" Face that Jon Jones has been pulled from UFC 200 due to a USADA Drug Test Violation.

This is the second time Jon Jones has been popped for a positive test, but what makes this occasion so special is it's the first time he will be yanked from a card for a positive "In Competition" Drug. This means "Bones" could be facing up to a two year suspension according to the head honcho.

Dana White has spoken to the media to address this situation:

 Daniel Cormier has also spoken to Media to address this issue:

June 20, 2016

 The Days of Dana White telling people how big of morons they are might be officially numbered, As reports are filing in from The Score MMA, amongst top sources within the company that UFC has accepted a bid for $4.2 Billion Dollars.

The Winners of the UFC Lottery come in the form of reported bidders William Morris Endeavor-IMG, Chinese conglomerate Dalian Wanda, The Kraft Group, and Chinese investment company Tencent Holdings Limited.

We will have more updates as they land on our doorstep. 

April 29, 2016

 Never has a female gotten knocked out under the hot, harsh light of general public with their judging eyes watching since Bill Cosby's conquests, but nevertheless, Ronda Rousey lost without excuses, Holly Holm won with great odds stacked against her, as the preachers daughter handed her the very first loss of her career, and the canvas shook as the invisibility code of the most dominate female fighter in MMA history was finally cracked.  


As soon as the smoked cleared, the discussion of rematch already became louder than the thunderous kick that derailed the Rousey Bandwagon; and today we might have...

April 25, 2016

 Conor Mcgregor has officially ended his one week retirement and announced on twitter this morning that he is back on the UFC 200 Fight Card after patching things up with Dana White. 


Here is the tweet that was posted, just incase he takes it down in the next hour and makes us look stupid twice in one month:

 Now you know the shocking truth why we never reported his retirement in the first place. 


UPDATED: UFC confirmed that his tweet was untrue, and Conor Mcgregor was later arrested over 5 counts of douchebaggery.


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