AJ Styles Injury Rumor..Please No

While we choke on swallow all of the Roman Reigns hype being mega jammed down our throats, Pro Wrestling fans almost had something new to cry themselves to sleep today -

Last night at the SmackDown taping in Los Angeles, AJ Styles was taking on Alberto Del Rio in a singles match. During the match, Del Rio “botched a move,” according to WrestleZone, and it ended with Styles landing very awkwardly on his head.

Live reports have said that it really didn’t look good and it appeared at first as if Styles was pretty badly hurt. The match ended very quickly as Styles went to the finish of the match by rolling up Del Rio for the pin.

Styles was walked to the backstage area as the arena filled up with fanboy and smartmark tears, but it's safe to say you may now rest your heart, as AJ Styles took to twitter to respond to a tweet about seeing the superstar in the upcoming international tour and "he was ok".

"Aj Styles - I'll be there ready to rock!! See you soon."

If you were soon going to give up your religion with the thought of AJ sidelined and tolerating the Roman Reigns Era, you may not have to get a new god afterall - and as of now, AJ Styles vs. Roman Reigns at WWE Payback on May 1st is still on like Donkey Kong.

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