George St Pierre Return? Oh S--t

Former UFC Welterweight Champion of the Universe, and a 6th Degree black belt in Point Fighting under Greg Jackson, George St Pierre has been long rumored to be returning back to the octagon since defeating Johny Hendricks - Now like one of his supermodel girlfriend's vaginas, we may be the ones giving George St Pierre a warm welcome back.

Mr. GSP was in the house in Toronto for an interview with TSN and was asked for a statement

if the story was true or if Dana White was again guilty of selling us the world and handing us a map:

I'm in good terms with the UFC. We're talking, everything is possible but I don't know right now. I can't tell you everything.

— Georges St-Pierre

Taken with a grain of salt, but we are no longer wishing upon a star for the super popular, always entertaining "Rush" to grace us with presence and move us with his slick take-downs, unbelievably precise striking, and barely english interviews.

"I am not able to tell you a scoop, if there is any news it is the UFC that will decide to release it," St-Pierre said (translation by Bloody Elbow). "I can say that I am on good terms with them. But we sometimes do not agree on some things.

"My contract is very old. It was done even before Reebok entered the UFC, so there are several things that come into play."

At this point a return at UFC 200 might be out of the cards, however, we can remain hopeful that this is a work in progress and we will soon see the return of a legend.

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