Boxing fought UFC in ratings; here's how they did

It's no secret that the glory days of boxing are officially over. Let's face it, the Top 10 selling pay per views of the sport featured fighters that have long since rode into the sunset and are currently enjoying retirement.

Mike Tyson? An Actor, Broadway Star, and no longer have the hunger for eating children.

Floyd Mayweather? Enjoying his riches, running his boxing gym, and dating women who would never talk to you.

Manny Pacman? Just won his final fight of his 20+ year career, and i still don't know how to spell his last name.

And the list goes on and on, and while the fire of the sport that long produced the world's biggest superstars has greatly dimmed, UFC has gain the momentum of a unstoppable freight train.

There is no doubting it, MMA is fucking bigger than it's ever been and boxing is faced with a situation it's never been put in - Building New Stars from scratch.

Alias, a glimmer of hope came in the form of Premier Boxing Champions, a different kind of boxing product, and this weekend (while on free TV it could not touch the ratings of UFC) it showed amazing potential with a great product and a laundry lineup of talented fighters putting on sensational fights.

Here are the ratings results:

8 p.m.UFC Fight Night (FOX) (8-10 p.m.) 0.8 - 2.13 Million Views

8:30 p.m.Premier Boxing Champions (NBC) (8:30-11 p.m.) 0.3 - 1.24 Million Views

Not too shabby boxing, and with great talent Errol Spence Jr, Gary Russell Jr, Patrick Hyland, Jose Pedroza and Stephen Smith that was showcased - boxing looks to be setting up the ground work for a comeback that would make Muhammad Ali Post-Rope A Dope proud.


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