It's been 60 days. Where is Titus O' Neil again?

Once upon a time - as the WWE were celebrating wearing down, burying and ultimately retiring one of the "Could-Have, Should-Have,and Would-Have" biggest stars in their company history Daniel Bryan, Vince Mcmahon came to the sudden realization that his "Shitting on Careers" Quota was lower this financial period then usual, so as Titus O'Neil grabbed his arm in a playful manner that Stone Cold, HBK, Mick Foley, Triple H, Kevin Nash, The Rock, and any other 90's star would have gotten away with (who are now spending their retirement with brief come-backs to assure the fans know "The Younger Guys who carry this company are inferior to Attitude Era Stars"), he was hand chosen to be that guy to get the second burial of the evening.

Originally it was a 90 day sentence, but then Vince realized he owns a publicly traded company and has to explain to grown adults that he suspended someone for grabbing his arm ever so gently, so lowered the death sentence to 60 days.

So its been 60 days.... Where is Titus?

It has been confirmed by inside sources that Titus O'Neil will return next week to his touring duties starting in Hartford, Connecticut.

Talented and Underused, Oppressed to being just a mid-card talent but carrying so much potential, time will tell if this was a wake up call from both parties to figure out beyond charity events, how Titus and WWE can have a mutually beneficial relationship in the ring where he's making the company that most amount of money possible.

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