It's Finally On - Jones vs. Winslow at UFC 200

Kidding...Kidding...But this morning it was made official -

After many of missteps, Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones II at UFC 200 in the Main Event for the Undisputed Light Heavyweight Championship.

This Fight was made on paper this morning by UFC Officials on the heels of Conor Mcgregor pulling out, then falsely claiming he was back on the card, when Dana White via TMZ took the liberty to finally pop the irish troll's bubble. Nate Diaz would also go on to pull out, to set a world record of more pull out's then prom weekend.

This fight not only adds to an already stacked card featuring 3 World Title Fights, but what a better place to settle the biggest rivalry in MMA History then on UFC's 200th Event.

#JonJones #DanielCormier #UFC200 #UFC

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