WWE Raw Rating Results, Oh Lord.

There is no doubt in anyone's mind for better or worse, WWE Wrestlemania 2016 was a financial slam dunk. Anytime you can gather 101,763 in one place without an execution, and $17.3 million revenue without porn involved, you can't deny that the name "Wrestlemania" carries weight in our culture, and the event alone has become bigger than the company who puts on Show.

But while our culture is sold on once a year watching "The Grand Daddy of them All", both the casual fan and the once a year spectator see a product that is "The Great Grandma of Stale" -

What we learned by the massive numbers Wrestlemania showed, the Raw Rating continues to play witness that the company needs a massive change in creative, as for example - This past week, Raw managed to nail an overall 2.2 rating.

That's Dubya C Dubya numbers right there boys and girls, and you all saw how deep that ship sunk.

It goes beyond a "Wrestlemania hangover", it's a lack of talent depth and a misused champion that fans aren't just dejecting like how The Rock, Shawn Michaels, John Cena and other hated wrestlers who played their characters to perfection that you couldn't help but watch to see if they will finally get whats coming, but a champion they are dejecting by simply changing the channel or illegally downloading Movies to take up their spare time.

Time for a change, Time to stop the bleeding, and time to give WWE a shot in the ass it needs and the fans deserve with compelling story-lines, a lead figure that fans can rally behind, and a return of Seth Rollins because we miss him ever so.

And No, I repeat, Nomore Triple H and Stephanie Mcmahon as the lead villians and authority figures. We've seen it in 2000, and 16 years later, the recycled plot has gotten worse with age.

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