Ronda Rousey Return? Insiders have an answer

Never has a female gotten knocked out under the hot, harsh light of general public with their judging eyes watching since Bill Cosby's conquests, but nevertheless, Ronda Rousey lost without excuses, Holly Holm won with great odds stacked against her, as the preachers daughter handed her the very first loss of her career, and the canvas shook as the invisibility code of the most dominate female fighter in MMA history was finally cracked.

As soon as the smoked cleared, the discussion of rematch already became louder than the thunderous kick that derailed the Rousey Bandwagon; and today we might have gotten the answer we are looking for.

Insider sources close to the Rousey camp have already started dialog with top UFC officials about fighting at UFC 205 in Madison Square Garden in November; and her opponent (if her arch nemesis can get past her title challenge at UFC 200) will be Miesha Tate for the World Bantamweight Championship in a Rubber Match.

Ronda Rousey has already 2 wins against the current champ, and the third one could prove as a great stepping stone towards redemption in the eyes of the casual mma viewer, but more importantly, a step in the right direction after a devastating defeat to someone who many people thought was to be inferior to the likes of "Rowdy", and one step closer to a rematch against the same gal who took her undefeated record.

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