Shots Fired! Nate Diaz blasts Conor Mcgregor back

If you have been following your twitter feed lately, Conor Mcgregor has been on a tweet rampage that would make Amanda Bynes peanut butter and jealous; But Nate Diaz might have gotten the last laugh with a hashtag mic drop that might have sent the notorious back to the drawing board.

Over the last few days, Conor Mcgregor took to the Social Media time waster to call out Nate Diaz in epic fashion:

Nate Diaz's response to the irish jumble of sentences?

Thats it' #WhiteBelt , an obvious attack at the last time the two met in the octagon on short notice and the tap dance Conor did while caught in the rear naked choke. With the tension and the fire raising between the two fighters, no matter who's right or wrong, this is the fight to make...when Mcgregor decides to play ball with UFC brass, of course.

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