Jordan Parsons Passes Away - In Memory of a MMA Star

This isn't going to be a news article like others; because the terrible news has already happened, this isn't a breaking news article about a loss of a talented MMA Fighter; because the tight knit community of the sport has already been deeply effected by the loss of a star in the making and in so many ways, a star already made...

This is a Tribute to a Young Man, who had the guts, courage and determination to follow his dreams when many wouldn't, who went to heaven long before his time. It just wasn't his time - but unfortunately due to a hit and run accident, the reality of the situation is Jordan Parsons has passed away at the young age of 25.

Born in North Dakota, he quickly ramped up a undefeated record at the amateur level, to finish his professional career with a 11-2 record, a championship in CFA, a featherweight tournament championship, and earning his right to become the newest member of the Bellator roster in 2014.

He was a champion in the cage as he was a champion in life, beloved by his friends, teammates, family members, and those who are fans of his work;' and while normally it isn't common for News Websites to break the fourth wall - This would be a better time than any to break the fourth wall and say I was one of those fans, and even in his untimingly passing, i will forever be a fan.

I give my deepest sympathies to everyone and anyone effected by this tragedy and pay our deepest respects to those that cared about Jordan Parsons.

Rest in Peace, Rest in Power.

#JordanParsons #bellatormma

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