BEEF! Oscar De La Hoya disses Donald Trump

Let's agree to disagree; Donald Trump is the biggest ass to appear on a newspaper cover since Kim Kardashian's backside broke the internet - But it works for him, and for his supporters his brash slick talk and arrogant style is actually what the doctor ordered, for everybody except democrats and Oscar De La Hoya

Oscar De La Hoya recently talked about Donald Trump and accused the Presidential Candidate of not only cheating on the golf course, but associating it to his personality and questioning his character because of it.

De La Hoya said he and some partners were teeing off at Trump National Golf Club in Los Angeles two years ago when “The Donald” himself pulled up in a cart and asked to join. “Of course, this is your golf course,” De La Hoya said he told him (via the Associated Press).

The “Golden Boy” said that Trump proceeded to hit a drive that went into the water. He hit another drive, which went out of bounds. A third hit the drink again, and a fourth — apparently Trump is hardly conservative when it comes to mulligans — veered off into some bushes.

However, instead of seeing their unexpected partner head off in search of his ball amid the bushes, “what do we see but Donald Trump right in the middle of the fairway,” De La Hoya said.

He said, ‘Hey look, I found my first ball.’ ”

We’re like, ‘Okay, yeah.’ We’re cracking up, not in front of his face,” De La Hoya recalled (via Yahoo Sports).

The fun continued a few holes later, at a 170-yard par 3. De La Hoya said that Trump again hit a ball into some bushes, then drove ahead in his cart while the rest of the group prepared to take their shots.

“We get up there [to the green] and he’s like, ‘Oh, my ball’s right here!’ Three feet away [from the hole].” De la Hoya said. Then he quoted Trump as saying, “And by the way, I’m going to pick it up — it’s a gimme.”

De La Hoya is leaving a pair of tickets to the Alvarez-Khan fight for Trump, who is a known boxing fan. However, he didn’t sound eager to hit the links again with businessman, saying, “It shows something about his character.”

“Golf is a gentleman’s sport,” De La Hoya said. “You don’t lie about your score, you don’t lie about moving your ball. It goes to show what we’re dealing with.”

Let's face facts, this man is 1 step away from the white house, but as far as a golf partner for the former world champ? He's Fired.

Tell us your thoughts and comment below. Both Democrats and Republicans are welcomed

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