Mcgregor/Mayweather Rumors FALSE - A Nice Email Sent to "The Sun"

Well - That was fun while it lasted.

This morning "The Sun", A English Tabloid "notorious" for stretching the truth, decided to post an article that "Mayweather and Mcgregor has mutually agreed to fight", the sources checked out, and just like every other website; we reported on it.

Then common sense suddenly came crashing down from the heavens, and we realized one tiny issue with that story. It isn't possible, so it was most likely fabricated.

Here's the facts:

A) Conor Mcgregor is under contract with the UFC. A very tight knit deal with most certainly a "Non-Compete" Clause thrown in.

B) Mcgregor is the UFC's poster child (for better or worse) and the last thing Dana White wants is his man creation to risk the entire reputation of the sport on a fight with Floyd Mayweather in Boxing.

(For Example, How many boxing fights has Mcgregor had?)

C) A couple of our friends from the Jolly UK confirmed one shocking truth, "The Sun" is 95% of time full of shit.

and D) Conor taking a Mayweather fight for only 7 Million Dollars? Never. Mcgregor would never accept a fight under those terms.

Besides our buddy close to TMT also confirming its most likely untrue, all signs point to the fact that this fight is more then likely to not be taking place.

So as a personal thank you and token of our appreciation, we decided to send "The Sun" an email:

This is why we can't have nice things. Sorry Folks.

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