Stephanie McMahon asked if Chyna will be in the Hall of Fame, She Responds..

Long before Stephanie McMahon (Daughter of WWE Kingpin Vince McMahon) had Triple H's balls in a glass jar, Triple H was happily in a relationship with Chyna in Reality and featured in the group Degeneration X on Television, one of the most popular WWE storylines and most popular couple in the middle of the "Attitude Era".

Then just like Charlie Bucket getting the gold ticket to gained entrance into the Chocolate Factory, Triple H gained the affection of McMahon Families only Daughter, and rest (including Chyna and her career) was history.

Then Chyna developed a drug and alcohol problem, then she jumped into the wonderful world of porn, then she died prematurely, then WWE had to get their Politically Correct game on.

Stephanie Mcmahon was asked by TMZ if Chyna would ever be included in the WWE Hall Of Fame, Watch what she had to say:

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