John Cena's Return Announced; First Opponent Rumored

To the WWE Fans who have been hard at work booing Roman Reigns and voicing their disdain for "The Roman Empire" - You will soon be working double duty.

It has been announced that Top WWE Superstar John Cena will be returning from injury on Memorial Day and back on the active roster. This will be good news for a brand that has been plagued by Injuries, Suspensions, departures and Adam Rose fired for kissing his wife with his fist (Just Kidding, but domestic violence man? You must be a lemon)

A Multiple Time World Champion, US Champion, Tag Team Champion, and the poster child for WWE, and while the one thing that is certain about his triumphant return is fans will be singing "John Cena Sucks" with the same precision as Freddie Mercury -what is the next step in his career is as unpredictable as the weather and a question many have been asking for a wrestler who has done it all.

The only rumor to hit our desk at this time is working a possible program with highly talented rising Japanese star Shinsake Nakamura, with the possibility of putting himself in a position to putting over younger talent and getting them ready for the long haul of carrying a company who desperately is searching for the next face who can succeed John Cena once his time as a leader of the chain gang is over.

But We'll Shall See. . . .

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