Will CM Punk ever fight? Here's what sources say..

It's been almost two years since CM Punk abruptly left WWE, and went on Colt Cabana's podcast to hand deliver the biggest middle finger to a former employer that would make any minimal wage Mcdonald's cashiers jealous - just to show up at the UFC a few weeks later to announce his debut in the octagon would be coming soon.

Fast forward to now - one herniated disk and one back surgery later, his debut is more in doubt than ever, but it goes beyond just the typical injury that plagues all major pro athletes...

It comes down to skill.

Many Inside sources within Camp Punk and Roufus Sports have confirmed that while most of his training and sparring sessions have been behind closed doors, his progression has never been in question - and went on to be described as "Slow At Best". This also comes on the heels of many rumors floating throughout the inter-webs that he has lost every exhibition fight set up between CM Punk and a variety of pro and amateur teammates

Not Good News; But there might be a shining light at the end of the tunnel.

CM Punk is more than just another fighter on the UFC Roster, he is his own brand, and has a name that reaches more than the regular combat sports athlete. Even the biggest CM Punk critic cannot deny that there are still plenty of fans still dawning a CM Punk shirt, plenty that use the CM Punk Character in EA Sports UFC 2, and those that will more than likely attend the UFC Media Events that CM Punk is participating in.

Worst comes to Worst and his debut in the cage never happens, an exclusive contract still keeps "The Best in the World" within the UFC Universe, furthering his work with the biggest combat sports company in world without hurting his brand with a possible devastating loss.

The only thing that is for sure, is nothing is for sure.

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