VIDEO: Conor Mcgregor Training for Mayweather or Trolling the Entire Internet?

Either Conor Mcgregor is a Self-Promoting Genius or the internet is struggling to forget the Loudest Irish Man since that drunk guy you happened to run into at your favorite pub on St. Patricks Day -

Either way, he's back in the headlines and hard at work feeding the flames of the rumored bout between himself and Floyd Mayweather.

First, Feeding the Twitter Trolls with a picture simply titled "Boxing Boots"

Ok, not that crazy, it doesn't take much to figure out people wear boxing boots all the time when they train in boxing, one of the common practices of any well rounded Mixed Martial Artist.

Then, a video of "The Notorious" sparring with a World Champion Boxer:

Not that crazy either, considering most of the best Mixed Martial Artists do cross train with top caliber athletes in one particular martial art.

So why is the internet still buzzing about this? Why are we still alluding to everything this guy posts as clues to a potential mega fight with another hype machine?

It's less to do with journalists and their desire to sell you the world and hand you a map, and more due to the fact NONE of these parties have shot down these rumors. None. Zero. Zip. Both Mayweather and Mcgregor have been vague at best, danced around the issue, even encouraging the rumor that it could very well be truth.

Either they are being tight lipped about a fight that will happen, or they are leading on both sports fans, the same fans who personally gave them this kind of marketing power, just to hand-deliver the biggest disappointment to both demographics, and irritate the people that pay their bills.

Time will surely tell.

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