Alberto Del Rio and His Insane Love Triangle Drama; For Reals or Storyline?

Remember during the Attitude Era when The Godfather use to say "Pimpin' Ain't Easy"? Because Alberto Del Rio doesn't - as evident from his current situation and whats brewing backstage with WWE Diva's Paige and Charlotte.

(Wait a second, isn't Alberto Del Rio married? Ugh. Nevermind. Moving on...)

The story recently came to the surface thanks to photos from Disney World where Alberto Del Rio and Paige looked awfully cozy together.

Ok, alittle crazy considering the Del Rio is 38 and Paige is only 23, but love knows no age, so they get a slide; Also this isn't the first time talent intermingled -

Steve Austin was married to Debra.

Macho Man was married to Elizabeth.

Jerry Lawler was married to Miss Kitty.

Perry Saturn was married to a Broom.

And so on and so forth.

But this is where the plot twist comes in; as it was revealed shortly after this story broke that Del Rio had a fling with WWE Women's Champion Charlotte not too long ago, and tension is now rising between Paige and Charlotte backstage because of this recent violation of "Girl-Bro Code". Thus, Vince McMahon is in planning stages to put this drama infront of camera.

But is this real that Alberto Del Rio is now jumping the bones of the hottest divas in the locker room (Fist Bump for you mi amigo) or a kayfabe story being planted just to give Total Divas and WWE Television a push?

I mean, The evidence is there that this could be just another WWE storyline considering "Total Divas" is coming back during the fall, and Paige and Del Rio are both in dire need of a compelling program to work. But then again, we have seen crazier shit happen then this in the WWE Stir Pot.....Cough...Edge, Matt Hardy, Lita...Cough.

Just get your popcorn ready boys and girls, because we have a sneaky feeling more news is going to come in the following weeks.

Until Then, Bro High Fives to Alberto Del Rio for a job well done.

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