Will CM Punk Fight? Latest Update and UFC Appearance

Plenty of rumors have been swirling around the inter-webs for the last few weeks that the UFC/CM Punk experiment has taken a massive turn for the worst and it looked like Phil Brooks; who got a questionable contract to the biggest fight promotion in the world from being the biggest Pro Wrestler in the World, might not even step foot in the octagon due to injury and overall lack of progress in training, and UFC Management was ready to throw in the towel.

Looks like that might not be the case; you know, the throwing in the towel part.

CM Punk has not only made a UFC promotional appearance last weekend to hype up the promotions return to Chicago, but also restarted filming the documentary for the Mickey Gail/CM Punk showdown with production staff in the camp of Mickey Gail tape his training.

It will be two years this December since CM Punk shocked both the MMA and Pro Wrestling world by signing to the promotion, and many sources inside the fight promotion say the overall feeling is that they are finally ready to throw the self-proclaimed "The Best in the World" in the deep end and see if he floats.

Sink or Swim, Kill or Be Killed, it's about that time to either let it happen or call it off all together.


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