Big Red Retired Machine! Kane likely to part ways with WWE Soon

After a long successful career of lighting opponents on fire, murdering his girlfriend Katie Vick, and fighting his brother; it seems as though the big red machine Kane is ready to use these experiences to enter into an even darker, more evil field of battle - Politics.

Kane, who also has a real name Glenn Jacobs, after 24 years of wrestling in a variety of different promotions before debuting in the WWE in 1995 and getting his lucky break playing the role as the menacing brother of the Undertaker, is seeking employment and seriously considering running as a Republican for the Mayor Position in Knox County, Tennessee in 2018 - and if that happens, his career in the WWE comes to a close.

It's no secret the 49 year old has been politically active in the last few years, never resisting the urge to throw his two cents in, sharing his political views and benefits all the while making his opponents lives a living hell - and it's also no secret that 49 is a pretty swell stopping age in the grueling, physically demanding, young man sport of Pro Wrestling.

May his future politically rivals rest in peace.

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