Mayweather/Mcgregor Fight "Confirmed"? One Tiny Problem....

This is just one of those stories that websites are beating to death with a broom stick, but with the new development that FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd's intel (aka imagination) said the fight was all but confirmed and the announcement would be made in two weeks, this subject has literally grown legs and running faster than any journalist can keep up with.

Here is what Mr.Cowherd recently said:

"News I believe is gonna break here in about two weeks... I have already booked two rooms, September 17th and 18th in Las Vegas. My intel is Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather is going to happen. It changed late last week. I got a call then somebody else sent me something [Sunday] and Saturday. We've booked rooms in Vegas. [It's happening] this September. Mayweather did have a very bad last pay per view gate: 550,000 people, he tries to get two-to-three million. So I think this is the most profitable fight for CBS and Mayweather. CBS has been working with Mayweather for years. That's why his fights are on Showtime, because CBS owns Showtime. So Les Moonves [President and CEO of CBS] and the CBS peeps have decided, 'let's talk to the Fox - UFC peeps' and you've got Fox and CBS, you've got UFC, you've got boxing, you've got Floyd, you've got Conor. It's gonna make a lot of money for people."

That's great and all, but there is just one tiny issue with this story. Well, maybe a few issues with this story.

1) Who would air the fight? Showtime? CBS? Fox? A Telecast between two stations? These are two of the biggest network giants on the planet, and hyper focused on rating results to sell advertising space. The idea that Fox (who has a huge contract with UFC along with plenty of variables to it) would give up ground and let this fight air on Showtime would be crazy. And vice versa, afterall, Floyd Mayweather is Showtime's golden goose and would never let such a mega fight air on regular pay per view or fox and jump over dollars for dimes, letting Millions of potential new showtime subscribers slip through their fingers

2) Dana White.

Dana, Dana, Dana.

This man does have a long history with Floyd Mayweather, in fact, the bald headed boss of the biggest MMA promotion in the world actually SPONSORED Floyd Mayweather in 1996:

But alot has changed since then, and with all of the trash talk between them aside, both have gone to ratings war multiple times up until Pretty Boy's retirement. The concept that Dana White would finally drop his ego and give up ground to let Mayweather dictate how this show plays out wouldn't make any business sense. UFC includes non-compete clauses in talent contracts for a reason.

So many variables to this story, so many cooks in the kitchen, so the question remains how the hell can this fight actually get done to take place. And at this point, how much sense does it make that the top draw in Mixed Martial Arts, fights in a sport featuring just one of those styles against the biggest draw and arguably the greatest fighter in said style, when fans are already educated enough to know what the results are going to be?

We'll be sure to report anymore bullshit that lands on our doorstep for your reading pleasure.

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