RUMOR: Brock Lesnar to get inducted in UFC Hall Of Fame?

This internet rumor started so innocently, fans discovered that Brock Lesnar was added back to the UFC Online Roster a few days ago and just like that - MMA Fight Advocates lose their minds and start speculating.

No. We can shoot down any curiosity that Brock Lesnar will be fighting again due to his health and current WWE Contract. However the rumor that this might be a tell sign that "The Next Big Thing" will be making his next big move to the UFC Hall Of Fame could possibly be true.

With all things aside about records, championship wins and PPV buy-rates; Vince Mcmahon and Dana White has always maintained a healthy business relationship, and rightfully so - as every time the companies or their talent crossed sports, it was mutually beneficial...

Ronda Rousey appearing at Wrestlemania; WWE fans marked out and got a special Wrestlemania moment, Ronda Rousey and UFC gained more fans from a different sport...

The Rock, Undertaker, Stone Cold, Jim Ross, Paul Heyman have all appeared at UFC shows and introduced on television...

Ken Shamrock leaving the WWE to fight again in MMA, thus driving up the UFC Buy-rates for a Ortiz/Shamrock battle in a time period where the UFC was bleeding money...

And so on and so forth.

So the most unlikely UFC Champion who's currently on the WWE roster legitimises himself and his company with a Hall Of Fame Nod on his resume? UFC gains more eyes to their product thus potentially getting more buys for UFC 200 from a different sports consumer? Doesn't sound like a half bad idea to me.

UFC Officials weren't available for contact, but one thing is for certain -

Despite fighting during an era where the Heavyweight Division was rebuilding, he came in the sport green as a blade of grass and still shook things up; And based on that alone could warrant such an honor.

Here comes the Pain.

#BrockLesnar #UFC

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