Jon Jones Loving Message to Daniel Cormier - "I'm Balls Deep In Your Head Right Now"

We interrupt the internet arguing about children falling in gorilla cages to bring you a special news bulletin - Jon Jones is currently balls deep in Daniel Cormier's Head.

Well, according to Jon Jones, he is.

We knew the build-up to UFC 200 would be anything but quiet, and Jon Jones didn't let the fans down this morning with delivering a special message to the "Paper Champion" Daniel Cormier via instagram:

"It's good to see you enjoying your last days as paper champ Daniel, I was actually planning on leaving you alone and letting you enjoy them with your family, then you had to go and put this weird shit on the Internet. It's obvious I'm balls deep in your head right now, but you can pause with all that groping there (expletive) boy. You'll be getting your ass kicked soon enough, just really hoping these aren't your tactics for UFC 200. See you soon buddy, train smart. Don't need you pulling out again."

-Jon Jones

Daniel Cormier isn't the innocent one in these personal attacks either, with a clever video on his instagram account hitting a custom Jon Jones Punching Bag

Business is most certainly going to pick up as we are just one month away from the epic showdown between two of the best light-heavyweights with the World Championship hanging in the balance.

Let's just hope they don't kill each other before then.

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