RUMOR: Goldberg to Return to WWE

On Monday, WWE announced that Goldberg would be a featured character in WWE 2K17, and if time (or recent WWE Video Games) has taught us anything - The Bald Headed, Smoke Breathing Master of the Jackhammer (and no selling opponent's moves) will be returning to the WWE in some sort of capacity.

Besides looking at Sting, Ultimate Warrior, Brock Lesnar and other long gone featured superstars in WWE Video Games who ended up coming back to the Wrestling Ring - you can look no further for proof that Goldberg might be popping up again then how he left the company twelve years ago.

Goldberg last appeared in a WWE Ring at Wrestlemania 2004 in Madison Square Garden, leaving the Wrestling World on his back after receiving a "Stunner" from Stone Cold after being drowned out from boo's and chants that were far removed from how he entered the sport, as a fan favorite undefeated powerhouse who tore through an entire company's locker room. All signs point to the need for Goldberg to want to end his Pro Wrestling Tenture on a positive note, if not a final match, at the very least a Hall Of Fame Appearance.

We can confirmed Goldberg and WWE are in preliminary talks about further work beyond the WWE Video Game, and only time will tell if those talks materialize in bigger things to come.

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