2016 WWE Raw Rating Results...The Good News and Bad News

Times are certainly changing, And nobody knows that more then WWE Officials when they had to explain to potential and current investors in the brand as to why the TV Ratings have been pulling WCW Numbers.

The release of WWE TV Ratings have shown a sharp decrease in viewership on a yearly bases, showing a disengagement from the casual viewer while still struggling for the attention spans of their consistent audience. To WWE's defense, it could be attributed to the launch of the WWE Network and Streaming TV - However, this decrease can span as far back as 2008.

The Good News and the light at the end of the tunnel is "Google Interest" and Search Activity shows nothing but consistency in the product.

But on the same token, does that mean people rather read results to WWE shows rather then watch it live?

All signs show a product that is most certainly on a low viewership streak, and that this would be a better time than ever to invest a lot of attention to detail to get ready for the return of separate brands and installing those brands with the star power they need to keep them afloat.

Every week should a fight for the viewers attention, and with some of the same fight that helped keep WWE in the game when WCW was knocking at their door, it's a fight they can win.

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