BREAKING NEWS: Nobody gives a shit about Linda Scott or her opinion about Ryan Jimmo

Opinions are like Assholes; Everybody has got one and they all stink - Unless you're Linda Scott, an angry internet "Blogger" who has nothing nice to say and heavily armed to the teeth with a cynical point of view about everything - she's just an asshole all together.

On Sunday - The MMA World lost UFC Veteran Ryan Jimmo, a highly accomplished, highly skilled, and highly regarded fighter who made his name felt through gutsy, heartfelt performances in a hit-and-run accident that sent shock waves throughout the industry - I do not care about the variables how it happened, It isn't about me, and nobody cares about outside opinions when a precious life leaves forever and a once roaring flame dims out,

Because it happened. It isn't my place to share my thoughts, only prayers sent to the family and friends who loved him so.

But Just as people started mourning a tragic situation, the PC Internet Patrol work around the clock to make sensitive situations and all popular topics of conversation all about them.

(Now i will share my opinion on this swell lady just as she shared her opinion on Ryan Jimmo's accident)

A very unattractive lady (Only An Opinion) with perhaps a Narcissistic personality disorder (Only An Opinion) named Linda Scott, decided to throw her two cents in the subject of Ryan Jimmo's Untimely death to her large fan-base of 40 twitter and 600 facebook followers, and just like her misguided, passive aggressive negative point of view on pretty much everything (Only An Opinion), she did not dissappoint:

Naturally, just like the baby in the corner crying and throwing toys for adults attention she finally got what she wanted (Only an Opinion), and the MMA World wasted no time in calling bullshit on everything this woman said.

While many will express anger and dismay towards what this wannabe journalist who's list of life achievements is as long as Mini Me, thinking ability as deep as a puddle, and spends a good portion of her day on facebook talking about people more important then she'll ever be (Only an Opinion) - I share no anger towards just another random person on the internet nobody gives a shit about who decided to throw her two cents into a topic that has nothing to do with her.

Not because her opinion is terrible and irrelevant and i wipe my ass with everything she stands for, but because it's just that, an opinion - and long after her 2 seconds of attention fades and everybody forgets her as she continues leading a miserable existence spreading her miserable point of view (Just An Opinion), Ryan Jimmo will be remembered; and he will be remembered for the positive things he contributed in this life.

Now i could be wrong about her, (this is only my opinion afterall) but while we all share our unfounded or true opinions on the internet, one thing remains to be fact:

Ryan Jimmo was a fighter, friend and a great member of a beautiful sport full of beautiful people who left the world far before his time. Do not lose sight of that and exchange prayers for anger.

I will welcome her to respond to this to her whopping 40 Twitter Followers.


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