Say It Ain't So! WWE thinking about breaking up "New Day"

The New Day happen to be one of the most popular factions WWE has had in recent years. Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E. have been one of the best parts of each show they were part of more often than not, and even as heels their entertainment factor was key for the WWE in some dark days last year with ratings. The New Day are clearly as beloved, and ending the group would be just as devastating to fans as The Shield ending at this point.

While it is not expected that a similar circumstance will happen with The New Day as it did with The Shield, there is always a thought that WWE might copy the exact formula with some random tweaks here and there. The real issue for New Day is not so much that the guys are tired of the group and want to move on, but management seems to feel there is a need for the group to end interestingly.

According to Daily Wrestling News, there are some within management that feel the buzz

surrounding New Day is not as good as it used to be. The theory is that they could split the team up during the WWE Draft in a few weeks in fact. Many point to New Day’s merchandise sales to prove that they are doing just fine when it comes to proving that fans still like them as much as they did before.

There have been rumblings about a split for some time, but the issue was always that the team was too over to split up. On top of this, unlike The Shield, there was no need to split New Day because there were three top WWE Superstars that had to go into the singles world so that the company could move forward with top guys for years to come. New Day has been made up of three mid-carders, really, who needed each other to truly get over the top.

All three had talent before the group started, and Kingston happened to be a multi-time Tag Team, Intercontinental, and United States Champion. Big E. was even a former Intercontinental Champion. Only Woods did not see a title before the group began. Regardless of the fact that all three work better together, the WWE still tries to find ways to move on with something after it goes on for too long in their minds.

They tend to end factions after a couple years maximum because of the need to move in a different direction with the people in the group, and that may be the case with New Day as well. The idea is that the company would push Big E. in singles the moment New Day ends. There are some who believe Kingston and Woods would go right back to the mid-card without the New Day group being together, which is probably accurate.

It is obvious WWE would want to push Big E. as he has a look that the company loves to put out there more often than not. On top of this, Big E. is only 30 years of age. He has a long career still ahead of him, and doing big things in the singles world seems to be what the company wants to see out of him. However, while Woods might be 29, he is not the type of guy WWE pushes into the World Title scene.

A guy like Kofi might get a shot there due to his veteran status, but that is even using hope rather than logic. The group break up would naturally not be for any other reason but to push Big E. and that much is obvious. While all three will be used to see what they can do, WWE will want to see more with Big E. The reason is pretty simple.

There were rumors months ago saying that it came down to Roman Reigns or Big E. when Vince McMahon was considering “next top guys” a long time ago. He had to be convinced Reigns was the guy he should use over Big E. and it is being said numerous times now that McMahon has been reconsidering his position on Reigns. Could he be trying to end New Day to see what he has with Big E.?

The New Day group is popular and Big E. did get far more popular within it over the last few years. Kingston’s career got a shot in the arm through it and Woods entire WWE career has been built on it. The group ending could suck for fans of the faction, but it could be a great thing for the careers of all three. Right now, it is a waiting game to know if WWE will end The New Day, but as the current WWE Tag Team Champions, one would imagine that they would not kill off the team until they lose the gold.

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