Muhammad Ali Jr. Gets Millions...then leaves wife and 2 children.

Pretty messed up stuff coming out of the Ali Camp in post-passing news, one of which is the son of the greatest of the all-time. Before on food stamps, Now inherting millions and one wife, two kids lighter after leaving his family behind.

An online report says the heirs of Muhammad Ali have already received their share of his $80 million fortune. It happened when all of his 9 children met in California on June 28.

It breaks down like this: His seven daughters, his son, Muhammad Ali Jr., and his adopted son all got an equal share. And according to the RadarOnline story, Muhammad Ali’s widow, Lonni, will keep the estate.

But there’s a downside … at least for the family of Muhammad Ali Jr. According to a source, after coming into his millions, the 44-year-old has reportedly packed up and left his wife & 2 kids in Chicago’s South Side while moving into a better neighborhood.

It’s a huge change for Ali Jr., who’d been estranged from his famous father —who passed away on June 3 at age 74 — for years. For the past decade, he and his family — wife Shaakira and their children, Ameera, 8, and Shakera, 7 — have been relying on food stamps and handouts to get by, insiders said.

While Ali Jr. is moving from Chicago’s blighted West Englewood area to a middle-class neighborhood near Midway Airport, “his wife and children won’t miss out,” insisted the source.

“He gave his wife $75 to buy herself something nice, and bought the kids new shoes. He also wants to set up a trust fund for his kids,” added the source of Ali Jr., who has struggled with marijuana addiction and other issues.

Family members now hope to keep him on the straight and narrow, said the source, but Ali Jr. is more focused on starting a business and helping people in the community.

“He wants to do landscaping stuff and help people,” said our mole. “He doesn’t need much. He’s a simple dude.”


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