Is The Mcgregor/WWE Beef Fake? Chances of A Potential Wrestling Angle

Over the last few days, Conor Mcgregor and Top WWE Superstars have gotten into a Twitter War that would have made Katy Perry and Taylor Swift jealous;

However - Some people have speculated that McGregor’s comments were a work, potentially part of some bigger WWE angle, or were simply McGregor’s way of getting some media attention surrounding himself and UFC 202. As we noted earlier today, Rolling Stone picked up on the story and said McGregor’s comments “once again show his brilliance and social media savvy.”

In his latest blog posted over at, Jim Ross questioned who was “working” who, and labeled McGregor’s words “a well placed and timed rant.”

Dave Meltzer noted on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio that McGregor’s comments were not a work, and were not part of some elaborate story line being setup by WWE and UFC. Meltzer added people in WWE were told not to respond to McGregor’s remarks, and those superstars who did, including Sasha Banks, Roman Reigns, Ric Flair, Sheamus and more, did so on their own accord.

Meltzer noted “there is no angle for sure” right now, but said that of course could change in the future. Meltzer also alluded to McGregor’s rant possibly screwing up “a big business deal” between UFC and WWE, and that “the deal” is falling apart. Meltzer did not add any further details on what the potential deal between the two companies might include.


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