Smashing Pumpkins Singer Now Runs TNA Wrestling

In the wrestling business where a former manager of a Pizza Hut once ran WCW (True Story), anything came happen - Insert the lead singer of one of the greatest rock bands of all-time and a failing company in desperate need of a fresh start.

Billy Corgan was announced as the new President of TNA this week, replacing Dixie Carter, who will now move on to her new position of TNA Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer. If you check the temperature of the active TNA roster, the move was a positive one for the good of the company.

Mike Johnson of reported this weekend that the decision to replace Dixie with Corgan was one that was well-received by the wrestlers in the company. According to Johnson, there was a "huge uptick in morale backstage after the announcement."

Speaking of the announcement, which was made to the public on Friday afternoon via a press release issued by TNA, the wrestlers were told during a formal announcement to them backstage at the TNA television tapings in Orlando, Florida on Thursday.

Dixie Carter was present and introduced Billy Corgan as the new TNA President. Corgan then reportedly spoke for about ten minutes about his vision for the company.

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