DAMN! Halle Berry Responds to Ric Flair's Sex Claims

Did Halle Berry take a ride on Space Mountain?

A media frenzy ensued after wrestling icon Ric Flair claimed on his radio show that he slept with actress Halle Berry shortly after her divorce from David Justice back in the ’90s. Flair, 67, likened the overall experience to a woman getting the chance to hop on Disney World’s most famous ride, Space Mountain.

But on Tuesday, TMZ reported that Halle Berry never had sex with Ric Flair — due to the fact she’s never met him, according to her rep.

On his recent radio show episode, when asked a Twitter question about which celebrities he’s slept with, Flair said “of course” he slept with Halle Berry, then said that he wouldn’t have to make up a lie.

But, according to TMZ, sources close to Halle have “strongly shut down Flair’s story as bogus.”

Someone close to Berry told TMZ that “There is NO truth to this! Halle has literally never even heard of him let alone met him!!!”

The report goes on to say that Berry is “deeply offended by Flair.”

Another source told them that “A man doesn’t get to sexualize and lie about a woman he’s never met to better himself of his name. It’s offensive, demeaning and beyond misogynistic.”

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