That One Time Mike Tyson almost beat the sh*t out of Donald Trump

I Get it, Donald Trump is notorious for ruffling the feathers of the wrong people.

Whether it's promoting sexual abuse of women, calling for a ban on muslims, or being plain old charming while telling mexican's to take a page out of Post-WW2 Germany and build a wall that separates Mexico from the United States. But what about the one time somebody ruffled Donald Trumps feathers and promises of an ass whooping?

Enter the baddest man on the planet, Iron Mike Tyson.

After plenty of misguided comments about his then-wife Robin Givens (In 1993, Lost Tycoon author Harry Hurt wrote about how, in the ‘80s, Trump and Robin Givens (who was married to Mike Tyson at the time) had been rumored to be having an affair. According to Hurt, the two were occasionally seen alone together, and Trump had even once been heard loudly bashing Givens’s blowjob technique.)

Mike Tyson was hanging out with the Republican Nominee for President when Trump recalled to Tim O'Brian, author of Trump's Book Trumpnation, about a unique (slightly awkward conversation) they had:

Tyson sat down in Donald’s corner office hundreds of feet above Fifth Avenue and the two men chatted for about fifteen minutes before the boxer got to the point. Donald recalled their conversation in detail.

“Mr. Trump, could I ask you a question?” Tyson asked.

“Whatever you want, Mike,” Donald responded.

“Are you fucking my wife?”


“Are you fucking my wife? Everyone’s telling me that you’re fucking my wife.”

Tyson then pulled out a copy of Vogue magazine that feature a picture of Ms. Givens wearing a Trump Princess hat from Donald’s yacht.

“Everyone’s telling me that you’re fucking my wife and I think you’re fucking my wife,” Tyson said.

“Mike, let me tell you something: I never ever even thought about it. And I heard those rumors and they’re disgusting. In fact, I called you a couple of times to tell you that I heard those rumors and it pisses me off. And I never, ever even thought about it. She’s your wife, she’s with you, she’s loyal to you, and it’s total bullshit.”

“Mike it’s absolutely bullshit, it’s false,” Donald reiterated. “I give you my word.”

“Could I lie down on your couch?” asked Tyson.


“Because I’m so tired I just want to nap.”

“Sure, go ahead.”

Tyson then stretched out on a red couch to the right of Donald’s desk. One of Donald’s staffers later walked into his office and found Tyson asleep.

“Donald, Mike Tyson is drooling on your couch,” the employee said.

“You wake him and tell him,” Donald responded.

Add this to the endless list of stories now surfacing about the man running for President of the United States.

Only in 'Merica.

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