TOP 10: Vintage Magazine Covers Featuring MMA Legends

Plenty of your favorite stars of the MMA World have graced the cover of a variety of magazines over the years, And our team of monkeys have complied for your amusement our Top Ten Favorite Magazine Covers Featuring MMA Legends. Let's dive right into it, shall we?

10. Sage Northcutt, Karate Magazine

Before he was MMA's heart throb of Zack Morris caliber, He was just alittle spiky haired kid making his rounds in the Karate World. He does look like the bully in Karate Kid 3, doesn't he?

9. Dan Severn, Karate/Kung Fu Magazine

Those black tights have become the stuff of legend in both the MMA and Pro Wrestling World.

8. Dana White, Men's Fitness

The boss of Ultimate Fighting Championships, looking almost too gangster for words. Thug Life, Dana.

7. Tito Ortiz, Black Belt Magazine

December 2001 might be 15 years ago, but it seems like only yesterday when Tito Ortiz was known as pound for pound the scariest fighter on the planet.

6. Randy Couture/Brock Lesnar, Flex Magazine

The Fight on paper looked to be a total mismatch ...for Lesnar that is. Little did anyone know he would end up defeating the biggest legend in the game and turning into a legend himself.

5. Chuck Liddell, Grappling Magazine

Zoolander Blue Steeling away on this cover, Chuck Liddell was a buzzsaw. And this cover was at the beginning of the Iceman's Dominance.

4. Ken Shamrock, WWE Magazine

No Words.

3. Bob Sapp, Time Magazine

In 2002-2003, Bob Sapp was the biggest thing since sliced bread on the Japanese MMA Scene. My have times changed.

2. Anderson Silva, Rolling Stone

Michael Jackson Swag? Thriller Jacket? Too epic for words for "The Spiders" Rolling Stone Magazine Debut.

1. Ronda Rousey, ESPN Magazine

Not only did Ronda Rousey drop more jaws than she drops opponents, but she broke plenty of ground as one of the very few Female Fighters at the time to be featured on ESPN Magazine's Cover.

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