Wow. Soulja Boy and Chris Brown in boxing fight promoted by Mayweather Promotions

I've seen some crazy shit go down in my life (Mostly when i consume a few screwdrivers and i'm MC Hammered), but this crazy shit is actually going to be Live on Pay-Per-View and happening without any alcohol involved.

Soulja Boy and Chris Brown have been in a squabble over social media for days now, and the two have decided to take matters into the boxing ring for a good cause.

Soulja Boy called on his pal Floyd Mayweather to help him get ready for what he referred to as the “fight of the century” — a charity boxing event which will feature him and Brown.

The former pro-boxer and the rapper were shown in a video getting pumped up in preparation for the fight chanting, "we gonna get that money, we gonna get that money.”

According to the rapper — who issued an apology Wednesday to Brown explaining his behavior a result of stress due to his mother being hospitalized — announced the event is set take place in March in a Las Vegas center.

"Now that we have your undivided attention, boxing match set,” he wrote.

"Legally. Man to Man. No more dissing and no more talking. We in the ring with it. Challenge accepted."

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