Top 5 Best MMA Video Games

Since 1999 (Possibly even longer), The MMA Business has seen it's fair share of Mixed Martial Art Video Games on numerous consoles. Some Great, Some Good, and some suck worse then you first girlfriend in High School. So we have narrowed down the five very best Mixed Martial Arts game, Let's take a look shall we?

5. EA Sports UFC 2 (PS4, XBOX One)

Now the game isn't perfect, But what UFC 2 falls short in gameplay, it make up for in a robust character selection, and the most realistic MMA game thus far. Huge improvement from it's previous installment.

4. UFC Undisputed 3 (PS3, XBOX 360)

The Final THQ MMA Fighting game before they went belly up, a pretty entertaining fighting game with a long awaited PRIDE mode as an alternative to fighting in the Octagon. Not perfect, but a pretty fucking outstanding game.

3. PRIDE FC: Fighting Championships (PS2)

The very first game based upon the popular MMA Franchise in Japan. Other then PRIDE GP that was only released in Japan, this is the only PRIDE game to hit the shelves. Simple gameplay, simple modes, simple create-a character, however with the smooth gameplay and Grand Prix Mode. This is a must play for all PRIDE Fans.

2. UFC Tapout (XBOX)

Not going to lie, this game is beyond addictive. It featured a all-star group of the who's who of UFC, a simple yet fun, easy to pick up control scheme. It was only released on Xbox, with the PS2 getting UFC Throwdown . Incredible UFC game.

1. Ultimate Fighting Championship (Dreamcast)

This wasn't just a near perfect MMA game, but an incredible game in any genre. It was the very first UFC game ever released, and it came with a fast paced Arcade style that anyone could pick up, play and enjoy. I mean, shit, my mom enjoyed it, and the last game she actually sat down to play was Zelda 2 on NES. For new MMA Fans, this is a must grab if you still have your Sega Dreamcast handy.

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