Pro Wrestlers that fought in MMA

There is no question that Pro Wrestlers are some of the toughest athletes in the world. I mean, fuck, they script an entire match with getting slammed, hit, punched, and plan the safest way to execute a realistic looking shit kicking with the whole art behind of it is not ending up dead or without function of one's legs (Look up "Droz WWE Accident", you'll know what i'm talking about). They are built like machines, they are real athletes, and many decide early (or later) in their careers to take up a different form of activity, like the Octagon. Few do very well, while others take more shots to the face than Kim Kardashian in her movie career playing opposite of Ray J. Let's take a look at some of these MMA Prospects who didn't get so lucky.

Bam Bam Bigelow

The popular WWE Main stay tried his hand in the Octagon only one time, and took a one sided whopping over the UFC Veteran Kimo. Yikes

Alberto Del Rio

Despite early success for Dos Caras Jr aka Alberto Del Rio, Mirko Cro Cop nearly kicked his head off in the third row in Japan at PRIDE Bushido.

Taka Michinoku

One and Done. WWE banked their entire 90's Light-Heavyweight Division on the shoulders of the talented Japanese Wrestler, Taka shouldn't have banked it would transition well in the MMA Arena.

Kid Kash

The not so well known former ECW and WWE wrestler is also trying his hand in MMA, and catching plenty of hands while doing it. He lost his fight in a matter of seconds.

Sean O Haire

A 4-2 record, Not so bad. His losses though to sub-par talent? Pretty Brutal. RIP Sean O'Haire

Giant Silva

The Former member of the WWE Oddities got spanked in PRIDE. Enough Said.

Nick Mitchell

The Former Spirit Squad Member nearly got the spirit knocked out of him in his MMA Debut.

CM Punk

We really wanted this to work out for Punk, still do. We still love "The Cult of Personality". But after 2 years of training, his last fight with Mickey Gall looked more like a one sided mugging. Back to the drawing board for the "Best in the World", and we hope he can redeem himself.

Any names we missed? Comment below and add some!

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