Funniest WWE Crowd Signs

You and i both know that half the fun of attending a WWE show is bringing a sign with the possibility of yourself and your masterpiece ending up on television. After all, it is highly encouraged to the point that even their staff is found handing out signs to make it look like an excited crowd to those viewing at home. This is a double side sword however, as there are a select few bold enough to sneak pass security a sign that is so fucked up, it ends up being blasted on the internet for all to laugh at. Hell, it's a sport at this point to troll a live show with a sign that offends nobody but the publicly traded company it's cleverly made for.

We present to you those very signs, and the champions who had the balls (or ovaries) to make them.

WWE Fans nowadays though..

Just incase anyone needed to dip out during the filler matches.

You are so right, kid.

Trained by the Shock Master himself.

Great job trying to book Bootista as a face though.

I know, i had some of her lasagna last night.

Very funny you guys.

Did i say it was a bad idea to book him as a heel already?

Yes, i most certainly did


You know there are doctors for that sort of thing.

The worst curse word since "Chris Benoit".

HBK in the 90's was pretty much the most hated man in Pro Wrestling, this is an example of that hatred.

Me too, sir.

I'm sure this guy misses Dusty now like we all do.

Good Question, WHY is Roman Reigns hair so wet?

Silly man, Macaulay Culkin is everyone's homeboy.


His wife can confirm this to be true.

ECW One Night Stand made Cena rethink his life choices.

Not until i get to him first. Please come back Finn Balor.

Almost as much as Kanye West

Speaking of Chris Benoit, i wonder what happened to him? Is he coming back at Rumble?

God we miss you Rowdy.

Who's Next?

Well played sir. Well played indeed.

Holy Shit, i see him.

Almost....Too Orange.


And One Last Batista Sign.

Now if you'll excuse me, i gotta go get stitches because these signs made me laugh my balls off, but did we miss anything? Comment below your favorite signs!

#WWESigns #BestWWESigns

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