Remembering Owen Hart; The Greatest Matches of the King of Harts

Almost 18 years ago this month, the world lost one of the greatest pure wrestlers and overall human-beings to ever step foot in a WWE ring - The King of Harts, Owen Hart. The youngest of the legendary Hart Family, he was beloved as a genuine soul in a business that was sometimes just as artificial outside of the ring than the action inside. While i could type a 5 book novel of why you should love Owen Hart for the person he was when he took off his boots and left the arena to be a father, husband, brother, and son - today let us look back at some of his best matches while underneath those bright lights and why he will never be forgotten

Owen Hart vs. Ken Shamrock - Lions Den Match

For many WWE fans who later in life became UFC fans, this was (for some) the first exposure to an octagon. Staged fight? Of course. But still, innovative and showed the tough side of the "Black Heart"

The Hart Family wins it all - WWE Canadian Stampede

The Family that fights together stays together, and it made for the last time we saw the ENTIRE Hart Family in one place at the same time, with an ending that did the "King of Hearts" justice

Owen Hart vs. Steve Austin - WWE Survivor Series

After breaking his neck at Summerslam, Owen Hart did the favors for the future of the WWE and put over the texas rattlesnake in a match that would go on to be overlooked as the main event unfolded.

Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart - WWE Summerslam

A beautiful match in an often dangerous setting, both brothers showed that even in the most brutal of match stipulations, that they can make it into a psychology driven masterpiece.

Owen Hart vs. X-Pac - WWE King of the Ring

The King of the Harts taking his rightful place at the throne and a epic match with X-Pac, then called "The 1-2-3 Kid".

Owen Hart vs. Jushin Liger - NJPW

A Rarely shown match that shows off Owen Hart's talents and what was to come from his incredible career.

Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels - WWE Raw

Even after a heated real life rivalry with his closest brother, Owen put it aside and showed how a true professional handles himself inside the ring.

Owen Hart vs. Bret Hart - Wrestlemania X

If anyone wants to become a pro wrestler, this is the match to show them. Despite being the opening match of a Wrestlemania, Hart vs. Hart clearly stole the show.

Owen Hart winning the WWE Championship - Never Before Aired

This never made air but it never had to, because Owen Hart will always be known as not just a champion in the ring but a champion in life. Thank you for the memories, Owen.


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