PFL 1 Open Workout; A Preview of things to come

As the innovative New Zealand Fighter Ray Sefo retires from a near 25 year career of captivating fights and kicking his opponent's heads into the front row of arenas throughout the world, he will once again innovate the fight business with his newest venture - The Professional Fight League. 

The PFL, originally the critically acclaimed World Series Of Fighting, is holding the first event in their inaugural 2018 season on Thursday Night at 7:00PM Eastern Live from the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden. The league will be unlike anything seen in the fight industry, using football season style format with 72 fighters sprawled across 6 different weight classes. The victorious will receive 3 points along with bonus points for how quickly they can put away their adversary. All roads will lead to the playoffs this October and the championship this New Years Eve with the champion in each weight class taking home $1 Million Dollars. 

PFL held their first open workout to showcase a few of the fighters who are up to take home some serious chetta' cheese. 

Timur Valiev

"The Lucky" will be fighting the talented German "Mad" Max Coga this thursday, and the Russian native looks to be up for the challenge, as his high level sambo and slick Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was on full display for the crowd to witness. 

Andre Harrison

He only wanted 5 minutes for his workout, and 5 minutes is all we needed to get the jist of how skilled this undefeated champion really is. He is no joke. He has won a championship in every single fight promotion he ever stepped in, and he has made it very clear he isn't coming to Madison Square Garden to waste time or lose. He will be fighting the always game Juma Tuerxun. 

Jake Heun

Armed with high level striking, a sense of humor and the sickest mustache of the day, he showcased some serious ability and personality the second he pelvic thrusted his way to the mat. You might recall Honey Bear's involvement in two seasons of the Ultimate Fighter and is looking to put his tournament shortcomings behind him, as he fights Brazilian Buzzsaw Caio Alencar in the super competitive Heavyweight Division.

Lance Palmer

The Former Buckeye, Big Ten Conference Champion and Four Time State Champion in Wrestling Lance Palmer looked phenomenal, demonstrating the same smooth  grappling and slick striking that led him to a 12-3 record and WSOF Featherweight championship. Look for some fireworks in his upcoming bout with Bekbulat Magomedov.

Be sure to check out these four warriors and the rest of the talented PFL roster this Thursday Evening at PFL 1 - Live on NBCSN from Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden. 

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