Video Game Crossovers We would kill to see

Sure. We have seen a wide variety of MMA, Boxing and WWE games throughout the years on multiple gaming platforms - but with Ronda Rousey making an appearance in Mortal Kombat and Conor McGregor slaying in Call Of Duty, it got us thinking..

"What other stars would want to see pop up in different Franchises?"

Behold. Our Top 5 List (for better or worse) of Combat Sports stars we would want to see make guest appearances in some of our favorite games.

1. UFC X Final Fantasy 

Now imagine MMA Fighters like "The Black Beast" and the top stars of the UFC in a RPG Game? And what better RPG game to appear in then the beloved Final Fantasy Series? Call me crazy but we would like to think it'll look something like this...

...And Definitely this..

...ok. maybe we took this too far.

2. John Cena X Super Mario

This mash up makes PERFECT sense. Super Mario always wins, John Cena always wins (kill me), and on that premise alone this is a match made in heaven.

3. Khabib X Sonic The Hedgehog

Fast talking hedgehog who's racing towards the next location, Pound for pound best fighter in the world who asks to send him location. Boom. Logic. 

4. Mike Tyson X GTA 

I know Mr. Tyson is a reformed man in his wiser adult years, but what about a GTA game based during the years of 1997-2003 when he threatened to eat Lennox Lewis's children? I dont know about you but sounds like a classic in the making to me.

5. Hulk Hogan X Street Fighter

Who needs zangief when you can trade him for one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all time? As a matter of fact, fuck it, throw all the WWE legends into the Street Fighter franchise and watch them Duke it out. 

Ok. This was slightly ridiculous but have a crossover idea that we didn't mention? Leave it in the comment section below!

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