No Shit. Justin Bieber agrees to fight with Tom Cruise.

Nothing in the sport surprises me anymore. Until Justin Bieber make a tweet out of fucking nowhere challenging Tom Cruise to a fight for no reason, with no experience between either of them in MMA, making no sense whatsoever...

Yet. It might actually happen.

Justin Bieber making the tweet, backpedaled a bit after calling out America's favorite scientologist, but now Dana White has went on record saying "He would consider it" and it would be the easiest fight ever to promote. Also, new reports surfaced that Justin Bieber is on board with the idea, and Tom Cruise finds the idea "interesting".

I made an earlier post stating that this wouldn't be a bad idea at all - under the right circumstances.

1) Its on an undercard of a stacked card with breakout talented stars or fighters the ufc plans on investing marketing into and this fight plays as bait to the casual MMA viewer.

2) PPV prices are extremely high to assure the casual mma viewer is morally obligated to watch the entire fight card after paying that high price tag.

3) Tom Cruise gets pistol whipped for coming out with a Top Gun Sequel 20 years too late.

4) Both cruise and bieber make not one dollar more than any ufc fighter who earned their spot. 

Under those conditions, this fight would make perfect sense, showcasing a special attraction that plays as a mouse trap to show off all the talent this great sport has to offer.

Now realistically speaking, this fight might not take place and it's all for publicity, but on the flipside, under the right circumstances this could make all the sense in the world and mutually beneficial for all parties. 

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below. 

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