Jon Jones in Trouble...Again

July 22, 2019


Fuck. Why does this keep happening?


The Greatest Pound for Pound fighter in history Jon Jones has once again made headlines due to a incident that happened at a Strip Club in April, once again adding to a laundry list of offenses that can match his laundry list of accomplishments.


Jon Jones is being accused of harrassing and assaulting a female employee at TD’s Eubank Showclub in Albuquerque, New Mexico. These allegations include: 


1) Slapping her lady parts, which in turn he was told that it costs $100.

2) Asking for a lap dance, to which she said she is only a drink gal, and dancing is not included in her LinkedIn job description.

3) Putting her in a rear naked choke tighter than the members of Nsync in 2001.

4) Grabbing her by the neck


Her accuser went on the record to say that Jon Jones is a piece of shit. Jon Jones fired back claiming that these allegations are false.


Since the charge is classified as a petty misdemeanor, the legal process is unlikely to interfere with Jones’ personal or professional life, so until we have more information on this still-developing case, it should be all systems go for the champ’s December return. 


Jones's through out the years has had his fair share of trouble, including:


1) 3 flagged drug tests, one of which for a out of competition cocaine binge

2) hit and run accident of a pregnant lady

3) a fight breaking out with Cormier 

4) Driving under the influence and slamming his car in a pole

5) Homophobic slurs to a swedish man on Instagram


And this incident just adds to the stock pile of controversies of a champion, who grew up and became famous under the hot glow of the spotlight without many around him to say "No". 


As a Jon Jones fan, I'll always give him the benefit of the doubt, however with a track record this long, I must convey that it is becoming a bit difficult. 

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