The Viral Angry Bagel Guy is now training with a UFC superstar (Video)

If you haven't been keeping up with the viral news lately, a pint sized older gentleman with more issues than Reader's Digest walked into a bagel store and threw a fit, resulting in a right minded taller man giving him the shit kicking he was practically begging for.

(Here's the video to get you up to speed about Willy Wonka's Employee of the month, and also because no words truly give this incident justice)

Anywho, in the spirit of our society making untalented folks famous just based on their mental disorders, Tiny Tim was granted a deal to enter into the realm of boxing to fight other celebrities.

Now I know what you're thinking, the life sized replica of Danny Devito's left ball sack is about to get his bell rung more times than a reindeer on santa's sleigh on size disadvantage and lack of boxing experience alone.

And you know what? I think Benjamin Button's Brother was thinking the same thing.

Enter UFC Rockstar and Top title contender, "Crazy" Al Iaquinta and the fine folks at LAW MMA, the only place i'd turn to for help if i was in his shoes.

First glimpses of Napoleon Complex's training sessions were posted to his facebook profile, to which we smelt sexual frusteration from a mile away, to which we were able to steal for your viewing pleasure and sweet,sweet clickbait money.

God bless his little heart for turning to the right gym and the right people for help.

We won't be watching his upcoming bout however, as his newfound success was due to disrespecting a lady and getting served a "come to jesus" meeting. But i might have a better idea - Stop making people like him famous, how bow dat.

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