AUDIO: Colby Covington Insults Miesha Tate

Holy shit.

For those unaware, MMA's Favorite son and Donald Trump's bedtime hero Colby Covington was recently on Miesha Tate'es podcast - only to get banned due to inappropriate comments thrown her way.

For those non-subscribers to Sirius XM, here is the audio snippet of the fight those two had:

Colby Covington is coming off a huge win at UFC Newark, and for the casual fan, his win over Robbie in impressive fashion was truly his coming out party. And when Mr.Trump gets on the phone with you after the fight, it could only do wonders for your brand.

Actually. Truth be told. Colby is a former two time guest on our podcast and I stand firm in my belief he's cooler than the other side of the pillow. Many would disagree however, including Miesha Tate.

Here is the link to our podcast with Colby Covington:

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