McGregor vs. Cowboy: Why is nobody talking about Cerrone?

We are precisely two weeks away from UFC 246.

There, the first MMA article that said UFC 246 and not "two weeks away from the return of McGregor".

Ever since this fight was announced, the media and UFC went full steam ahead hyping up nothing on this card besides their cash cow Conor McGregor returning since Khabib choked the shit out of him infront of arguably one of the biggest pay per view audiences of all time. No surprise from the WMG owned UFC, as they did the same thing when Ronda Rousey fought against Amanda Nunes. Dont need to tell anyone what happened in that fight.

INSANE. Why do they keep doing this?!?

Why are we not talking about Donald Cerrone being one of the most active fighters on the roster, or the fact that he could potentially hand Conor his irish ass? Why are we not talking about Holly Holm, Claudia, Showtime and the other names on the card? 

Here's a better question, why aren't we talking about the young upcoming names on the card and build new stars instead of putting all the eggs in the notorious basket?

Even Dana White, the president of the company disagrees with the lack of hype towards Cowboy Cerrone.

Speaking to ESPN in a recent interview (, the UFC president said he is shocked by the level of disrespect shown to Cerrone since the McGregor bout was first announced last month. “The level of disrespect being shown to ‘Cowboy’ through this whole thing...apparently people forgot [how good he is] 

Here lies another example of WMG, looking for short term profits over long term gains. Even at the expense of their own poster child, placing him in a boxing ring with zero fights under his belt, just for him to look inferior to Floyd Mayweather for profit. Conor or his pocket book didnt disagree with the decision, but you know what I mean.

Big fights, huge names and the next wave of talent is on this fight card, one could only pray that the casual fight viewer will be paying attention to more than the Proper 12 banner holder. One could pray the company will be too.

After all, who's going to be more consistent in the octagon after this event? McGregor or those who dont have millions in the bank.

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