Top 5 Reasons Why Chris Jericho is God

After the good lord developed this beautiful blue marble called earth, covered it with trees, water, air and walmarts, created animals and humans starting with adam and eve which means according to the bible we are all related which means we are all committing incest, you sick fucks - thy generous god decided to smile upon thee and bless this world with a man made after his/her own likeness. Le Champion. Le Legend. Le Stealer of Le Girlfriends. The GOAT. Thy Savior of Professional Wrestling (because everything else right now is shit)....

Chris fucking Jericho.

Whoops. Used the lord's name in vein. Looks like I'm going to hell and damned for all eternity to watch Triple H wrestle in 2003 on a infinite loop. Okay okay, maybe I'm reaching a bit with my post title, but the way he has stayed on top of a super fickle sport for yet another decade, he's pretty damn close in my book. Now bow your heads and read this post outloud for all of the bitches in the back, it's time to run down the top 5 reasons why Chris Jericho is the man.

1. Chris Jericho went from WCW Jobber to first undisputed champion

With WWE on trial for steroids that...cough...wink...the majority of the roster *wasn't* taking in order to fulfill Vince McMahon's fantasy of every wrestler looking like He-Man, their promotional rival WCW was given enough of a window to scoop up a majority of their biggest stars. I mean, why create stars when you can just steal them from the competition? This is the formula that WCW kept until their last dying breathe, which means all young talent who were busting their asses to catch their big break were going to be fighting a losing battle on a weekly basis. No. I'm not kidding. Talented, young guys like Chris Jericho who proved that they can draw money if the machine got behind them, were forced to lose on a weekly basis to wrestlers who were far past their expiration date. Seeing that WCW was not going to invest in their crop of potential superstars, Jericho made the jump to WWE in 1999, and two years later he went from looking inferior to WCW main eventers to beating Stone Cold and The Rock, arguably two of the biggest main eventers in Pro Wrestling history on the same night to become the first ever WWE & WCW Undisputed World Champion.

2. Chris Jericho is a big reason everybody turned on John Cena

Chris Jericho is a god, but he is also a very generous god, being a team player and putting on 5 star matches with nearly everybody he has come across (with maybe one or two exceptions) and always willing to do business one way or another. Enter John Cena, WWE's newest poster child and Vince McMahon's new bedtime hero. Chris Jericho was tasked to put over a very limited John Cena to the moon, with even putting his career on the line and using a John Cena loss to exit the company. Not only did Chris Jericho carry him throughout all of their first meetings, not only did it expose John Cena for all of his limitations, but it pissed off WWE fans to the point that they started to turn on the Toast Master General of Thug life or whatever the fuck the 8 year old's use to call him. When you wrestle le sex god, you come correct and come ready to work, and John Cena learned the hard way for years to come as the boo's never stopped from that point onward.

3. Chris Jericho won't tolerate your shit

From putting fans in their proper place...

to roasting Conor McGregor on Twitter....

to even putting his former employer on blast....

Chris Jericho will not tolerate anybody's shit, which makes him the proud owner of the biggest set of balls in all of Pro Wrestling.

4. Chris Jericho in NJPW and AEW

I use to have a Chris Jericho action figure when i was little. I would use it to play pro wrestling match's, then i would use it to play with power rangers, then i would use it to play with Ninja Turtles, and so on and so forth. Moral of the story? Anywhere you put Chris Jericho, it just fucking works.

Jericho put on gold when he left WWE to wrestle in a dream match with Kenny Omega in NJPW and he continues to provide quality in his newest venture with AEW, a company he helped legitimize and put on the map. This is a call back to Number #1, because now he is in the same position as his WCW Main Event counterparts that held him down all those years ago, he is not only putting over and bringing out the best in talent as Le Champion, but he is making names that casual fans never even heard of and wrestlers are coming out the better for working with Y2J.

5. Chris Jericho overall being one of the biggest dick swingers in the wrestling business

From World Championships, to 5 star quality match's, to making millions for every company that got behind him, to a successful rockband, and a future hall of fame induction on deck -Chris Jericho will go down in history as not just one of the greatest pro wrestlers of all-time, but one of the greatest performers of all-time. You're welcome.

Let's face it. WCW put all of their eggs on WWE's stars of old, and with

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