Sign the petition, Silence Stephen A Smith

January 24, 2020



Sign the petition :
Petition to Stop Stephen A Smith from talking about mma  

As americans, we are both advocates and supporters of freedom of speech.

Except for Stephen A Smith

Fuck Stephen A Smith



As the man is plastered on TV speaking about something he knows little about, the most knowledgable of experts have to sit by and listen to him represent all the arm chair quarterbacks of the world. 

He must be stopped. 

So we came up with a logical and yet simple solution. We all take a shit in box and send it to his house.

Okay maybe not.

So we came up with the second best alternative solution. We make a big petition, send it to the proper channels and get him taken off of any MMA broadcast team.

Please sign our petition and help us silence this fucking clown:
 Petition to Stop Stephen A Smith from talking about mma  

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