The Best Boxing Games of All-Time

It's that time again where i get out my nerd helmet, strap that son of a bitch on and talk about some of my favorite video games in the combat sports genre. We talked previously about MMA Video Games, Pro Wrestling video games, and now we talk about the sport featured on more systems than any other martial art - Boxing.

Now the list is longer and bigger than Ron Jeremy considering the first boxing game to come out was July 1980 (before i was born), so obviously i have alot of fucking ground to cover, but this is worth it, so let me work it, i'll put my thing down flip it and reverse it. So without further a do, let's begin.

1. Boxing - Atari 2600

The game is simple, easy to pick up and play, one button, one joystick, and on a system that relies on the gamer to use their imagination - this was exactly what was advertised, Boxing. Press the button once, it throws a left, press the button twice, throws a right, use the joystick to move out of the way - It's that simple and surprisingly its that much fun considering anybody can pick it up and play.

2. Mike Tyson's Punch Out

There is literally no boxing fan on planet earth that doesn't have Mike Tyson's Punch Out on their list. Despite the over the top cartoon elements, this game from hand/eye coordination, fast reflex's, pattern recognition, and the last boss being Mike Tyson at the height of his rise to the top of the sport, this game is universally beloved because it properly captures every aspect of the sport. Fuck Bald Bull and his bull charge though. Just saying.

Not on the list. Punch Out with Mr. Dream

The version of Punch Out that replaces Mike Tyson with some pasty white guy does not make this list. Fuck Mr. Dream Too. Just Saying.

3. Ring King - NES

While mostly unknown and flew right under the radar when first released, Family Boxing is fine addition to the list with addictive gameplay and easy enough for the casual player to pick up. Besides the cornerman blowing the boxer in the corner. I won't be talking about that.

4. Super Punch Out

If you thought Mike Tyson's Punch Out was over the top, Super Punch Out takes the cake. Bald Bull returns with the new cast of characters in this fast paced test of finger reflex's and pattern recognition. It even featured a boss that throws kicks, like what fucking athletic commission would sanction that nonsense. Anywho, if you dug Mike Tyson's Punch Out, this is fun sequel to pick up.

5. TKO Super Championship Boxing - SNES

Released in 1992, this was again the classic tale of a great boxing game falling under the radar. This game works as a side to side street fighter type fighter with plenty of strategic components to make it a must play on the SNES. Most regular players never really picked up on this lost gem, but if you're a diehard boxing fan this is a must play at least once.

6. Evander Holyfield's Real Deal Boxing - Sega Genesis

Even diehards gave this game mixed reviews, and as far as aging, this game has aged terribly, but for the time this was a realistic enough game with fair gameplay featuring one of the greatest boxers of all time. If you owned a Genesis, this was the boxing game for that particular system.

7. Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Series

I'm going to judge Ready 2 Rumble Boxing 1 and it's sequel as a couple, considering they are both similar in the arcade style gameplay and they are both equally ridiculous. So much fun, so many entertaining characters, hilarious animation, and Michael Jackson is an unlockable in the sequel. What is there not to love?

8. Contender - PS1

I originally found this gem on a lonely shelf of West Coast Video in New Jersey back in 1999. This game plays like tekken with boxing rules, and with stat building, create a character, just adds to the replayable factor. You might have never given this go, but its worth it for diehard boxing fans who have a working PS1 or emulator

9. A1 Games: Boxing - PS1

Another hidden gem. Another game featuring cartoon characters. Still fun never the less. Worth a look

10. Knockout Kings Series - PS1/N64

If you wanted realism, with a deep roster, great gameplay, and a career mode that just fucking rocks, The Knockout Kings Series is the go-to on any system. You probably played it, no use going into detail.

11. Victorious Boxers - PS2

my all-time favorite boxing game goes to Victorious Boxers on PS2. Based on Ippo No Hajime Anime in Japan, this didn't sell well nor gotten the respect it deserves in the states, however with characters in all weight classes, a great story mode, and realistic boxing gameplay - this game takes the cake for me as far as boxing goes on the PS2. You gotta take my word for it, It's A Must Play.

12. Fight Night Series

This is a recurring theme of everything EA Sports touching being gold, and the Fight Night Series furthers that point. With a deeper realistic roster than 90% of boxing games on the market, a chance to play as greats like Ali and Tyson (First time Mike in a video game since Punch Out), a chance to play as yourself with your own face with digital scanning in later versions, and the most complex indepth gameplay out of any boxing game, you cannot go wrong with any Fight Night on any console.

13. Wii Boxing - Wii

My mother whooped my ass in this game, as well as wii bowling. So i reluctantly add this game to the list. Fuck Wii Boxing for not having motion sensory to keep up with my sweet skills yet keeping up with my mom's basic jabs and crosses, but fuck it, it's fun to play.

14. Punch Out! - Wii

If you want to slap around donkey kong and finally get to hit your trainer Doc in the face after hard bike riding & encouragement to subscribe to Nintendo Power since the 80's - this version of Punch Out on the Nintendo Wii is your jammy jam. And yes, Glass Joe still sucks.

Did i miss something? Comment below so i can add to this laundry list of great boxing games.

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